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Buggy braking system in FS2002 / FS2004 ????

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Hi,Now that I'm working on the new version of my Pushback & Taxispeed gauges, I have encountered some nasty problems in both FS2002 and FS2004 w.r.t. the braking system (which appear to be bugs).FS2002======When using K:events AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET (and LEFT) in an XML gauge you can set a value (e.g. 8000 = 50%pressure) but there's no way after that to set the brakes Off again from that gauge via the same events, other than touching your physical toebrake pedals (which ARE well calibrated !)I tried the events BRAKES, BRAKES_RIGHT (LEFT), even PARKING_BRAKES .....So the only way is to use the K:events BRAKES and BRAKES_LEFT/RIGHT if you want to control the brakes from an XML gauge.Moreover, if you use physical toebrake pedals: If you apply a certain pressure, and then apply less, the actual pressure won't reduce untill you fully release the toebrakes.FS2004======In FS2004, it's improved a bit, at least the physical toebrakes are now working properly: the actual pressure you can read with A:BRAKE LEFT/RIGHT POSITION is now proportional at any time with the pressure applied to the toebrake pedals. BUT (here MS goofed up again IMHO) : after AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET (or LEFT) there is still no way to release them via the same K:events (again, touching the toebrake pedals does release them); what DOES work in FS2004: giving the PARKING_BRAKES event twice releases the brakes. Go figure ....But what struck me most: in FS2004 the K:events (AND keyboard functions) for BRAKES and BRAKES_LEFT/RIGHT are DISABLED if you have connected and defined physical toebrakes.And one more:If I have physical toebrakes enabled, and start a flight with the Parking Brakes on, I always have to hit the Parking Brakes key (or, in my case: controller button) twice before they are released.If you disable the physical toebrakes pedal, only ONE keystroke suffices.And this DID work Ok in FS2002.Now, I have learned never to exclude the possibility that I am doing something wrong, or that it is a problem specific for my system.But, having years of experiance with (home-built) controllers plus relevant experiance with XML programming (see my Pushback/Taxispeed gauges), I'm convinced that the braking system of FS2002/FS2004 is just full of bugs.Any other experiances or comments ?( I know there will be :-) )Rob Barendregt

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