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Guest rleiro

Veneaviones looks for a Panel Designer

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We at Veneaviones would like to give you a warm welcome for various reasons, among others your kindly interest in become part of this such a incredible hobby of flight simulation, with the Microsoft Flight Simulator as main bed.As you problably know and because you are reading this, you were somehow catched your attention with our honorable products (and the more to come...) which we based our focus way before we decided to build it up with the following points (among others):- Genuine and legitimate information available at our hands (only factory information)- Functionallyty of the airplane and popularity of the airplane based on indications of the real world and not from flight simulators community and users.This above two factors (believer or not) are the only ones we use for to start a new project (airplane). Of course we are an allied of the Gmax aid design program, and also we have the convictions to dedicate a lot of our particular time to the project. We would like to to remark this particular time dedication, because this is one of the most important factor that depends if a project will finally born or not. We believe in commitment and compromise and we are aware of our all limitations and we tried to combine commintment with time, with compromise and finally limitations and found out the magic formula that this projects can be a reality easily without sacrify quality by no means !!!Saying all this, we are looking, searching and seeking a very well, versatile, seasonned, expertice, highly expertice panel designer and programmer that will like to join our team, and help us out with the panel issue for all our models. In retribution for your honorable contribution not only to the group but to all the FS community, we accept the compromise to:1) Supply all the information that you will need: drawings, manuals, CD's, pictures, photos, factory advisors, programming aids... you name it. Only in orginal and genuine and legitimate factory only information2) The respect for a particular private time: We are not "pushy" people, but yes, indeed we are responsable people and we work on schedule, so an aproximately date we would like to see the commitment for that particular goal3) We will do all our efforts to make and build a model with preimun class that is high ranked, but also with all the bells and whistles, full eyecandy, and highly demanding that will produce a respectful for your honorable workNow, if you honestly and sincerely feel that you fit in our expectations but also you feel that we fit with yours, the we have a team here with you and please make yourself at home, 100% comfortable and let's rock 'n roll.Please be so kind to email to us to our account: or mendione@cantv.netKindest Regards,Roberto Leiro.FX / Veneaviones.

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