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GPS flight plan cruise altitude

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If you look in the file generated by the FS flight planner, you will find the cruising altitude, something like:cruising_altitude=21000I'd like to retrieve this information when importing the flight plan through the data structure provided with the MS SDK, but I can't find it. If you look at this data structure:typedef struct GPS_INFO{ UINT32 dwSize; // sizeof of this structure UINT32 dwUpdateRequest; LATLONALT vPosition; // position as calculated by GPS FLOAT64 dMagvar; // magnetic deviation in radians FLOAT64 dGroundSpeed; // in meters/second FLOAT64 dGroundHeading; // true heading in radians FLOAT64 dGroundTrack; // magnetic heading in radians BOOL32 bIsFlightPlanAvailable; BOOL32 bIsActiveWaypoint; // is there an active waypoint UINT32 bIsDirectTo; UINT32 lNextWp; // index of the next waypoint LATLONALT vWpNext; // coords of the next waypoint LATLONALT vWpPrevious; // coords of the previous waypoint FLOAT64 dWpDistance; // distance to next waypoint FLOAT64 dWpBearing; // heading to next waypoint FLOAT64 dWpCrossTrk; // meters from planned track FLOAT64 dWpReqHeading; // magnetic heading of track FLOAT64 dAPHeading; // magnetic heading to get on track UINT32 lWpCounts; // number of waypoints GPS_WP_INFO* pWpData; // pointer} GPS_INFO;I can't find anything about the cruising altitude. Is there any other way to find this info?Thanks for any clue !!Eric

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