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I'm not upset, I just mentioned fs9.cfg in my post and your reply asked about the aircraft.cfg. Sorry if my post wasn't clear.If you're running Windows XP the FS9.cfg should be on your "C" drive, in the "Documents and Settings" folder. In there you will find a folder with your user (XP login) name. If you open that up you will find a folder called "Application Data", then a folder called Microsoft. Finally, you will find a folder called FS9 and the FS9.cfg is in there.I know, it is buried within the depths of our computers. Microsoft did that so different people could share a PC, and FS9 would remember their personal preferences.If you are new to the sim I encourage you to ask questions in the Flight Simulator 9 forum here. More people see that forum and many of us still enjoy Flight Simulator 9. You will find at age 65 you may represent youth among many of our members. We're of all ages and walks of life and I know my younger counterparts are probably better than I am at explaining these challenges.Regards,John

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This topic is now closed to further replies.