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Hi....Having been a user here for the past year or so, I feel it's time that I attempt to give back a little, but I have a question of what may be considered acceptable ethics.I have for a long time been an admirer of the Boeing 707 and military KC135 variations, and have downloaded countless panels claiming to be 'definative' versions. Yet, none have really wrung true. I have found some that are very good, but still not right, and so had decided to modify and adapt a few of these panels until I came up with something that I was happy with.This I feel that I have done. I have, and use, a panel which, though cannot claim to be 'photo-realistic', looks very close to the actual panel of many KC135R's (the newer variant with the CFM engines).Stay with me here, please...I'm getting there!!! Using a great many photo's taken from the internet, it seems that there's almost as many panel variations for this military bird as there are; every one is different...but having found as many common variances as possible and put them together, I've managed to cobble together, a panel which I can claim to be visualy very representative of a typical KC135R. So much so infact that a fellow with whom I work, and having since retired from USAF military where he used to regularly fly on KC135's, was overjoyed to see it in FS9, and claimed that "that's it...that's what I flew!!".Still with me? Thanks!So, after all that pre-amble, my dilema is, is that, though I believe that I have produced a pretty good representation of a typical KC135R panel, should I upload it to AVSIM seeing as the gauges are all the work of other folks, and the background panel, albeit barely recognisable, was also somebody elses work....I don't recall, or even have the details any longer of all the original contributors - the original zip files will have been long ago deleted, but the gauges remain in the FS9 gauge folder.I know for certain that it uses a couple of elements from the Concorde gauge, and that it uses the F16 TCAS gauge from Eric Marciano, and I believe, a bunch of gauges from Ray Lopez...maybe even his original 707 bitmap, I can't recall, but I have made SO many changes to the original bitmap that it is almost completely different.If I upload this panel, and I would very much like to, I can not credit all the original authors, but I want to point out that my sole contribution was to take one original, change the bitmap, and add/delte/rearrange a few gauges, according to a dozen or so photo's from the internet, and make them into what I consider to be the most representative yet, KC135R panel.Am I OK to upload this if I don't claim it as all my own work? Sorry for the overly long post, but I just want to point-out my position, and don't want to step on any toes, or offend/upset anyone here....

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