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Need a Hexer to chnage a DVC in a MDL!!

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Hi All!!If you take a look in the screenshots forum there's a Piaggio 180 weekly newsletter that shows the project I'm working on as I proceed with the work....I still use AD2002 to build my planes, and, as my experience grows, also model complexity grows. Sadly, AD2002 has a little limitation of 800Kb for the MDL size, which is a pity as it is really avery friendly interface and powerful program in it's simplicity...Now with my Project I've calculated that I won't be able to include a great DVC without reaching the 800K limit. so I wondered if I could build the model with a very simple one to be replaced with HEX by another included in an empty model containing only the DVC assembly.I made experiments by myself and identified where the assembly relies in the model and where it ends, but I keep being not shore about it. The matter is that even If I found myself able to localize small DVC assemblies, a large one is lots more that different DVC assemblies generate a different sized 0-filled area at nearly the end of the file...I can't identify how much zeroes to remove or add if I have not a compiled model to look at...and make an exact copy...I won't be abkle to compile a model with a huge DVC without getting an 800K limit error!! I even don't see the utility of modifying a model to obtain one that is identical to another you compiled...So my request is clear...If one of you is an HexerHaker able to change a DVC assembly within a MDL, please contact me,I will send you a MDL and a DVC assembly (for the moment the MDL will be the incomplete P-180 and probably the DVC will be the P-166 re-compiled like an assembly...sounds crazy, but things should be done in the same way for the P-180 finished one and it's DVC...)Can you help me?? You'll surely thnak you in the readme file when I'll get the thing ready...!Mario

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