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Guest ptwaugh

Looping sound in C gauge.

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Ok... this has officially driven me crazy.The announciator gauge works fine, with the light going off when RRPM falls below 90%, and back on when the RPM comes back up, but the sound no longer starts. Before it was starting, but then I couldn't stop it without stopping all sounds.I've tried everything I can think of. I know the dll is sound (pun intended), and realize I must be doing something wrong.If you can help please do. Here's the code:#include "incsound.h"// Set up gauge headerchar lrrpm_gauge_name[] = GAUGE_NAME;extern PELEMENT_HEADER lrrpm_list;extern MOUSERECT lrrpm_mouse_rect[];GAUGE_CALLBACK lrrpm_gcb;GAUGE_HEADER_FS700(GAUGE_W, lrrpm_gauge_name, &lrrpm_list, lrrpm_mouse_rect, lrrpm_gcb, 0,0,0 );BOOL32 low_rrpm = 0; // Warn when RRPM falls below 90%.BOOL32 WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING = 0; // True when sound loop playing.FLOAT64 FSAPI lrrpm_cb( PELEMENT_ICON pelement ){ // LOW ROTOR ANUNCIATOR ON // Determine RRPM, set flag, & reset mute. double rrpm = pelement->source_var.var_value.n; MODULE_VAR r_rpm = {TURB_ENGINE_1_N2}; lookup_var(&r_rpm); rrpm = r_rpm.var_value.n; if (rrpm < 90) { low_rrpm = 1; }else{ // RRPM Normal (turn off Icon) low_rrpm = 0; // Reset audio mute audio_warning_muted = 0; } return FALSE;}// Low Rotor RPM Warning ON bitmap as an icon.// This icon must be invisible when loadingMAKE_ICON( lrrpm_on_icon, BMP_LOW_ROTOR_ON, NULL, NULL, IMAGE_USE_ERASE | IMAGE_USE_TRANSPARENCY | IMAGE_USE_BRIGHT | IMAGE_HIDDEN, 0, 0,0, TURB_ENGINE_1_N2, lrrpm_cb, ICON_SWITCH_TYPE_SET_CUR_ICON, 1, 0, 0 )PELEMENT_HEADER lrrpm_on_icon_plist[] ={ &lrrpm_on_icon.header, NULL};// Low Rotor RPM Warning OFF bitmap is the background.MAKE_STATIC ( lrrpm_off_icon, BMP_LOW_ROTOR_OFF, &lrrpm_on_icon_plist, NULL, IMAGE_USE_ERASE | IMAGE_USE_TRANSPARENCY | IMAGE_USE_BRIGHT, 0, 0,0 )PELEMENT_HEADER lrrpm_list = &lrrpm_off_icon.header;MOUSE_TOOLTIP_ARGS (LowRotor_Args) MOUSE_TOOLTIP_ARG (TURB_ENGINE_1_N2, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL)MOUSE_TOOLTIP_ARGS_ENDMOUSE_FUNCTION LOWROTOR_mcb; //Mouse click to turn switch on and offMOUSE_BEGIN( lrrpm_mouse_rect, HELP_NONE, 0, 0 ) MOUSE_TOOLTIP_TEXT_STRING ("Rotor RPM (%1!d! RPM)", LowRotor_Args) MOUSE_CHILD_FUNCT( 0, 0, 90, 90, CURSOR_HAND, MOUSE_LEFTSINGLE, LOWROTOR_mcb )MOUSE_END// I click on the low rotor annunciator, and I can terminate the sound.BOOL FSAPI LOWROTOR_mcb( PPIXPOINT relative_point, FLAGS32 mouse_flags ){ //(TerminateSounds)(); if ( WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING == 1 ) { WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING = 0; (GaugeStopSound)("EO"); }else{ WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING = 1; (GaugePlaySound)("soundBenchmark.B206B3EngOut.Loop.wav", "EO", 1); } return FALSE;}void FSAPI lrrpm_gcb (PGAUGEHDR pgauge, int service_id, UINT32 extra_data){ switch(service_id) { case PANEL_SERVICE_CONNECT_TO_WINDOW: // Load GaugeSound Services DLL MGaugeSound = GetModuleHandle("GaugeSound"); if (MGaugeSound == NULL) {MGaugeSound = LoadLibrary("GaugeSound");} GaugePlaySound = (TGaugePlaySound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugePlaySound"); GaugeStopSound = (TGaugeStopSound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugeStopSound"); TerminateSounds = (TTerminateSounds)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"TerminateSounds"); break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INSTALL: break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INITIALIZE: break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_UPDATE: //Now show and hide the switch bitmaps by showing and hiding the icons MGaugeSound = GetModuleHandle("GaugeSound"); if (MGaugeSound == NULL) {MGaugeSound = LoadLibrary("GaugeSound");} GaugePlaySound = (TGaugePlaySound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugePlaySound"); GaugeStopSound = (TGaugeStopSound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugeStopSound"); TerminateSounds = (TTerminateSounds)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"TerminateSounds"); if ( low_rrpm ) { // LOW ROTOR WARNING LIGHT ON SHOW_LISTELEMENT(pgauge->elements_list[0],1); // Audio warning on (if not active) if (low_rrpm && WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING) { (GaugePlaySound)("soundBenchmark.B206B3LowRotor.Loop.wav", "LRRPM", 1); WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING = 1; } }else{ // LOW ROTOR WARNING LIGHT OFF HIDE_LISTELEMENT(pgauge->elements_list[0],1); // Audio warning off (GaugeStopSound)("LRRPM"); //(TerminateSounds)(); WARNING_LRRPM_PLAYING = 0; } case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW: break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL: //Unregister the sound when unloading the panel MGaugeSound = GetModuleHandle("GaugeSound"); if (MGaugeSound == NULL) MGaugeSound = LoadLibrary("GaugeSound"); GaugePlaySound = (TGaugePlaySound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugePlaySound"); GaugeStopSound = (TGaugeStopSound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugeStopSound"); TerminateSounds = (TTerminateSounds)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"TerminateSounds"); (TerminateSounds)(); FreeLibrary(MGaugeSound); break; }}/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////#undef GAUGE_NAME#undef GAUGEHDR_VAR_NAME#undef GAUGE_W

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