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Guest iholrf

Just to point out to robains that many of us are working hard at producing quality freewarwe (or in my case open source) AC that will rival anything bought from a vendor. Maybe not in doodads, but in overall quality of experience and fun to fly. And with high framerates!My question is why some people choose to release a product as payware, thus seriously limiting their models addoption potential. Wide addoption of a quality free model is IMO is far more valuable in the long term than the limited revenue gained by the low sales volume of a typical small "third tier" vendor (who often have litte or no production or marketing history to boost interest).Anyway back on topic. So now I am running into the problem of applying shadows to guage faces that rotate or slide. Does the extended bitmap property extend to the 2d panel or am I stuck in 3d only for these?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/121809.jpgCheersShad

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