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Hi,Maybe already known.Experimenting with some gps codes brought me to a simple solution for data input. When input is enabled, so you can use the rotating knobs or keyboard, it is also possible to use the "fmc" keyboard if you have one or want to make one.Rob showed a list of ascii values concerning the section.When using that values you can press with the mouse on the "fmc-keyboard" and get:A. the correct letter in the scratchpad.B. after 4 or 5 letters the correct ICAO facility codeC. pressing Enter a direct to the typed facility (when AP is on gps) The code is:xx chr (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar)where xx = value.e.g. A=65B=66etc.Jan"Beatus Ille Procul Negotiis"

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Hi,Another application after a lot of scrapping etc.A mini GPS/DTO function.Just put it somewhere on a panel bitmap (not 0,0,0!)C:fs9gpsC:fs9gps@1 (>@c:IcaoSearchInitialIcao) @2 (>@c:IcaoSearchStartCursor) @3 (>@g:enteringInput) 0 (>@c:IcaoSearchMatchedIcao) (@g:enteringInput) 10 == if{ (@c:IcaoSearchCurrentIcao) (>@c:WaypointAirportICAO) } (@g:enteringInput) 31 == if{ (@c:IcaoSearchCurrentIcao) (>@c:FacilityICAO) } (A:Circuit general panel on,bool)1%((@g:enteringInput) 31 == )%{if}%((@c:IcaoSearchCurrentIdent) slen sp1 0 sp0 )%{loop}%((@c:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) l0 ==)%{if}{blnk}%{end}%((@c:IcaoSearchCurrentIdent) l0 symb d slen 0 == if{ p ' ' })%!s!{nr}%(l0 ++ s0 l1 <=)%{next}%{else}%{end}t%((@c:FacilityName) d slen )%{if}%!s!%{end}Type ICAO Code10 19 (@g:enteringInput) rng if{ -1 (>@c:IcaoSearchAdvanceCharacter) quit } @InvokeICAOInputMode((@c:FacilityICAO), 'AVNWM', 31) (@c:FacilityICAO) (>@c:FlightPlanNewWaypointICAO) 1 (>@c:FlightPlanDirectToDestination) 0 (>@g:enteringInput) 0 (>@g:enteringInput)10 19 (C:fs9gps:enteringInput) rng 31 (C:fs9gps:enteringInput) == |(M:Key) chr (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar) @InitBlinker(C:fs9gps:enteringInput)10 19 (C:fs9gps:enteringInput) rng 31 (C:fs9gps:enteringInput) == | if{ -1 (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchBackupChar) quit }Add gimmicks like switches, knobs or buttons yourself.Jan"Beatus Ille Procul Negotiis"

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