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Get gauge size into a variable? (using FS2000/CFS2 gua...

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I'm working on a slider-type gauge for CFS2...hence the reason behind me using the FS2000 SDK...I need to find the y-axis size of my gauge when it's placed on the panel so I can use it in the mouse position calculations.I've got working code for this in an FS2002 gauge using this to get the size dimension:


The problem is that the FS2000 gauge header doesn't have "size" defined. To get my mouse position, I'm using:

 PPIXBOX relative_point

I have tried using

 PPIXBOX size_y

to get the y-axis dimension into the code as a variable, but it isn't working.In particular, I'm using the formula "y_axis_dimension_var - relative_point_var" to invert the mouse action. I.E. 0 @ the bottom of the gauge and the Y-axis size value @ the top of the gauge.Anyone have any tips or a snippet I can follow?

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Additional info:I can get the x-axis dimension into the gauge usingpelement->gauge_header->size_x_mmbut there is no similar def for the y-axis...Here is the FS700 gauge header definition from the FS2000gauges.h:////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////typedef struct GAUGEHDR{ UINT32 gauge_header_version; char *gauge_name; PPELEMENT_HEADER elements_list; PQUERY_ROUTINE_610 query_routine_610; PINSTALL_ROUTINE_610 install_routine_610; PINITIALIZE_ROUTINE_610 initialize_routine_610; PUPDATE_ROUTINE_610 update_routine_610; PGENERATE_ROUTINE_610 generate_routine_610; PDRAW_ROUTINE_610 draw_routine_610; PKILL_ROUTINE_610 kill_routine_610; char reserved_1[4]; UINT32 size_x_mm; char reserved_2[32]; PMOUSERECT mouse_rect; PGAUGE_CALLBACK gauge_callback; UINT32 user_data; PVOID parameters; char* usage; char reserved_3[16];}////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Here is the PIXBOX def:////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////typedef struct PIXBOX{ PIXEL x; PIXEL y; PIXEL size_x; PIXEL size_y;}////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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