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Guest Baumgarten

Code the make the ALIGNMENT

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Hi,Use a timer like:{L:PFD-HSI ON switch,enum) 0 == if{ 1 {>L:PFD-HSI ON switch,enum) (P:Absolute Time,seconds) 5 + (>L:your timer 1,number) ) els{ 0 {>L:PFD-HSI ON switch,enum) }.bmp logic:.....(P:Absolute Time,seconds) (L:your timer 1,number) > if{ 1 (>L:IRS bmp,enum) (P:Absolute Time,seconds) 5 + (>L:your timer 2,number) }(P:Absolute Time,seconds) (L:your timer 2,number) >if{ 0 (>L:IRS bmp,enum) }{L:PFD-HSI ON switch,enum) 1 = if{ (L:IRS bmp,enum) 1 == if { 2 } els{ 1 } } els{ 0 }

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