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Fuel pump question

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Hi,I've been looking into the King Air fuel system.Basically, it consists of outer wing tanks (main tank) and inner wing tanks (auxiliary). Both the mains and auxiliary tanks feed into a tank in their respective engine nacelle.First the fuel from the auxiliary tanks are fed into the nacelle tank by an electric pump. When the auxiliary tank is empty, the nacelle tank is fed by the main tanks by gravity feed.The engine is fed from the nacelle tank by a main engine driven pump, which in turn is fed by another engine driven fuel pump in the nacelle tank or by an electrically driven standby pump in the event of a engine driven boost pump failure.Which means in my limited understanding, as far as FS is concerned, each engine is fed by either an engine driven boost pump or an electrically driven boost pump.What happens to FS if I include both of the following lines:electric_pump=1engine_driven_pump=0Indicating that both types of pumps exist. Will this confuse FS? In normal operation, the electrically driven boost pump is off.Is it possible to control the pumps individually?Under simvars, there is only GENERAL ENG FUEL PUMP SWITCH:index which you can set to on or off, but which pump is it controlling?Under Event IDs there isKEY_FUEL_PUMP (which says it toggle electric fuel pumps)andKEY_TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMPx (which also toggles electric fuel pumps)Is there any way to say toggle off and toggle on directly for the electric pumps or are you stuck with toggling it? I suppose you could check the initial state and toggle it if it needs it? How do you know what the initial state is?I suppose you can't really turn an engine driven pump off, although you might want to be able to fail it. How would you do that?Does FS care about the main engine driven pump? Is there any way to model it? Thomas[a href=] [/a]I like using VC's :-)N15802 KASH '73 Piper Cherokee Challenger 180

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