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Xsimulate is looking for a gauge programmer for DC-10

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Hi All,Ben Alfoldi at xsimulate gave me the go ahead to post this ad regarding this.We have lost our gauge programmer Fraser Turner.We are very close to having a completed DC-10-30 modeled in high fidelity. The VC by Jacob Kubique is completed just needing animation and model integration, the model by Ben is complete just needing the VC and a few tweaks.The sounds by Mike Maarse are perfect and right out of the airplane.the FDE by Shane Olquin at this point is the best, most accurate heavy FDE I have ever seen and it matches the Aircraft perf. manuals to a T.The 2D panels by Kyle Schurb are nearly completed and rendered in GMAX to match the VC.If you check the website at www.xsimulate.net you will see screenshots in our preview forum.Our problem is that we lost our gauge programmer.We need a gauge programmer to work with us. any programmer joining us will have access to any photo and video resource he could possibly need as well as excellant technical advice. Our team consists of the afore mentioned developers as well as Paul Dainty, an active OAI DC-10 captain, Dwayne Van Meerton, an active USAF KC-10 F/E and myself an AA ex NWA mechanic with 20 years working DC-10s.We are so close to having a completed product that I know will be well recieved and be a pretty good seller as well.I hope you can help us. You can contact me or Ben Alfoldi directly at bena@xsimulate.net. Thank you for any help you can giveStan Winke

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