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Guest BFG

Formatted Text headaches

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Guest BFG

Hi allI need some clarification regarding formatted text. What do the following actually do?VerticalAdjust="Center"Fixed="Yes"As far as I can see, they do nothing?Then I have a box that includes 6 lines of text, with a line height of 14. Surely this means that the height of the text box should be (6x14) 84. Yet with I only see 5 lines of text before it gets cut off. I've also noticed that increasing the "Y" value actually changes the size of the text, even though FontSize="12" is set. Surely the set font size should be the size that the text appears in?Last question: I have a bitmap of a grid, with the horizontal lines 14 pixels apart. In 1024x768 the above text box displays correctly, with each line of text centered between the lines on the bitmap. However, in 1280x960, only the top line is centered, then the text gets closer and closer to the bottom line with each line down the grid.Having a real headache getting this thing to behave!

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