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Wilco's A330 panel w/ Overland merge

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Hi guys,I was trying to merge Wilco's Airbus series Vol.2 with Overlands Airbus models. i know there are two main ways to merge a panel and a plane.In this case, one would be to remove all content from overland's panel.cfg and alias it to Wilco's panel folder. This seemed to work fine with the exception of me not having the DFE of Wilco (which I like).The second way is to insert overland's model into the Wilco A332 folder and copying the contact points and lights from Overland into the Wilco aircraft.cfg. I have done this, but for some reason the aircraft sinks below the surface and bounces around like a hyperactive 8 year old on a Kool Aid rush.Yet these same numbers in the original SMS A330 yield a perfectly fine aeroplane......of course.Anyone care to help me out on this one? What alse, except contact points can influence the correct height of an aircraft?Thanks,Xanderp.s. I forgot to mention that the lights appear higher than the actual aircraft. In other word, for example the rear white nav light (at the APU exhaust) floats over where it should be. And it appears the be roughly the same distance as the distance the A330 sits underground.

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