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Gauge Reset - Gear

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Hi all,I've been working on something similar. Your post have helpme in partially to my problem.I have a warning light that needs to stay on until the gearis raised, then goes off; however, it goes off when raised -and is supposed to stay off until I have touched down.Instead, it comes back on while I'm lowering the gear. Isthere any way to keep it off until I touch down again?"Gauge Reset" topic #36122----I now use this for the warning gauge like yours above----(A:Radio height, feet) 50 <(L:Warn,bool) & if{ 1 } els{ 0 d(>L:Warn,bool) }--I need to add this (or similar) to make it work right---(A:Gear handle position,percent) 50>Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Benny

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