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Atlanta Motor Speedway Race Car Project

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Hi folks,If by now, you have installed and viewed my Atlanta Motor Speedway scenery, you may have noticed a race car at the Start/Finish Line. If you are a race fan, you probably also noted that the car is a fair representation of the Goodwrench car driven by the late, great Dale Earnhardt who was recently killed in a freak racing accident in the last lap of a race.While maybe it is or is not appropriate that his car is the only one you see at the track, nonetheless, his car looks VERY lonely on the otherwise empty track.I want some help in populating the track with more cars!!!! And you can probably provide that help.If you look in the folder:...FS2002ADDON SCENERYAtlanta By MolonyAtlantaMotorSpeedway you will find a couple of files named:AMSRaceCar03DaleEarnhardSr.bmpAMSRaceCar00Blank.bmpThe first file is a copy of the texture file used to create the Goodwrench car you see on the track. The second file is a blank template of the same file.I want you to paint that template file for me. Choose a favorite race car and paint that texture file AMSRaceCar00Blank.bmp to match it as closely to the real thing as you can. Or if you want to really get creative, paint a totally new car the way you would paint it if it were your own!You don't need to create the car itself, just repaint the enclosed AMSRaceCar00Blank.bmp file directly. Use the other file, AMSRaceCar03DaleEarnhardSr.bmp, as a guide to decide what goes where. But just like I tell the children in class, "don't color outside the lines!" You MUST stay within the black areas.As you work on it, you might want to start with actual photos of cars. There are MANY internet sites that include actual photos. Use one of the major search engines such as Google and for a start search for "NASCAR".Many of the photos you will find are quite small so you'll probably have to do a lot of hand work and resizing to get it right. Besides that, nearly all photos are made at an angle rather than straight from the side or front so you will have to do a lot of work with modifying the perspective. Not easy! Good luck! If you want to use the same tire, that is ok or you can change it as well if you wish.When you are done, email your work of art to me--my email address is below. If there is any way I can use it, then I will add it to the collection. Once I have enough cars, I will place them into the scenery. Then I will release an add-on set of cars that we can all add directly into the AMS scenery. Ideally, I would like to populate the track with between 30 and 50 new cars!How about it. Interested?? Well, get started and get it done TODAY!And by the way, if you don't yet have my Atlanta Motor Speedway or my Atlanta Skyline scenery, you really ought to check it out! At the risk of sounding like I am "tooting my own horn", I really believe you will find it to be a great scenery add-on--as good or better than any of the default scenery you will find anywhere in FS2K2.Search the File Library for "Molony".Thanks and Happy Flying,Bill MolonyAtlanta GA USAbmolony@bellsouth.netUnder the 27L Approach to KATL--the busiest airport in the world

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