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Using VTPs as CUSTOM or LandClass

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Hi all.You can use VTPs as a substitute for landclass or CUSTOM. The advantage is that you don't need to use resample ( unless you like the way it slices ). A drawback ( or feature ) is that the alpha channel is transparent. This can be remedied by adding an LWM BGL for the watermasking... and then you can use the transparency of the alpha for blending the texture into the default landclass, or other VTPs.The control line is:VTPLayer 4, 1This layers a landclass-like poly... all land features will display over this texture... so default roads, streams, water will show. The '1' is a flag to override any other layer 4 designation.VTPLayer 63, 1This layer will cover all land and water masking, and features... essentially creating a traditional photoreal way of displaying textures.VTPLayer 33, 1This will also suppress all land and water masking, and features... but leaves open layers 34-63 for use to overlay your own features.VTP Method2 lines can suppress the default lines in an LOD13 Area, by the use of the '1'.VTPLayer 8, 1...will suppress shorelines, when you add your new shorelines. Airport skirtings and parks are layer 4. 8 = shorelines. 16 = streams. 31 = minor & dirt roads. 32 = Major roads.If you want to layer a landclass type, but keep an airport skirting, use:VTPLayer 4, 0...and the layer should co-exist with the default skirting ( but you may need to use VTP Method1, and 'cut' a hole around the default skirting ).VTP Method2 will automatically tile the texture to the sized 'window' of your polygon. Method1s allow you to pick which area of the texture you'd like to use in your polygon.To replace a landclass groundtile, you'd generally want to use a 'VTPLayer 4, 0', VTP Method2, then replace any destroyed airport skirtings with another 'VTPLayer 4, 0' VTP Method2, cut to the size of the needed skirting. The datastream of the BGL will correctly handle the layers. Many VTPs, of different types, can be written in the same BGL for the same LOD13 Area, and the code order will control the layer placement.Most manipulation of the groundtile will be in layers 4-7, as thes layers display over land, but allow the water masking to be untouched, whils also leaving the shorelines intact.Layers 0-3 can texture the water, and some interesting effects might be made with the transparent alpha channel. 2 pics. One showing a landclass type replacement... the second showing the photoreal placement. Notice the second's covering of the default road.Dick

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