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How do you get BRIGHT lights in macros?

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Hi all,I have added anti-collision lights to my bridge macros, but am having enormous difficulty making them bright from any sort of distance, especially some colours.For example, one bridge has red, green and yellow lights plus white strobes on it - the red lights are visible up to 2km away, but the other have much shorter "ranges" - green is barely visible 200m away.One of my bridges has an airport beyond it, and I have the odd situation that I can't see my nearby bridge lights, but CAN see bright lights at the airport 5km away!I have tried several variations on the code, with mixed results, but even the best results still have a very short range.The basic VOD-type light code is:LineColor( 0F f0 )DotPt( 1 )DotPt( 2 )A variation is the dotline, and one can put both ends in the same place and add more dots to brighten the lights, but it is still limited:LineColor( 0f f0 )DotLine( 105 810 -60 105 810 -60 4 ) ; X Y Z X Y Z # of lightsI've also tried the FSDS way of adding lights, but again these are not as bright as I would want:Dwx( af e333 44a9 6533 4595 6400 459a 0 bf80 0 0 837c 2fe1 837c 2fe1 229d 3029 0 3f80 fe4a a094 0 3f80 229d b029 )Dwx( b2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9558 67 0 0 0 0 3c3c fffc 0 0 0 0 0 0 )Dwx( ae )So, does anyone know what the code is to get bright lights within macros, that are visible from many km away?Thanks for any tips.Iain.

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