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Hi Arnowhen I went to reply to you, I kept getting a window as if it was a new post and then got nothing, amazing how I did that one only Avsim knows, anyway here's the reply I wrote.After alot of experimenting with V1/V2 Settings and even after reading Gerrish's comments about objects sharing the same Area() command and the concequences of the first V2 setting's culling the Area(), I concluded that these signs were visable from far to far away, where this problem was occuring and therefore, I just opted to display the signs at far closer range which would resolve this problem.This whole subject just mistifies me and I don't think I have the patience to begin to understand, even given the diagrams, although I follow the discussions intently, following the progress you guys make for the likes of people like me. So I commend you in these experiments.Thanks for the helpRegardsDave

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