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  1. Just south of Luxembourg city I also saw a line of default scenery through the photo scenery. Ah, I haven't check how well the OpenStreetMap data is for Belgium. For Luxembourg it seemed quite good coverage. Let me check the Belgian data as well. Finding those GUIDs in the XML files of the SDK can indeed be hard. Might be a good idea to have a list of possible values (or even better with a picture showing what you will get). Let me see what can be done for that.
  2. Hi, Questions about the autogen. I am writing a more detailed tutorial for my scenProc tool now and I used this scenery and the area around Luxembourgh as example. Then I saw in this thread that some work on autogen has already been done. Did you guys in the end succeed to cover the whole of the scenery with forests? Else I can probably help a bit.
  3. I don't think including a file with relative paths like that is a good idea, as you do not know where the user will install the scenery. So the relative paths don't have to be right on his machine.
  4. The lights that you can create in GMax are not supported by the FS exporters, so they are totally useless. Simply, don't use them.The lights we can make (either with effects or with the BGL_LIGHT command) only cast light on the ground. It is not possible to create a light that will cast light on the side of a building or so. If you want that you can probably best make a night texture that has the effect of the light painted on it.
  5. Hi,>1) Slope objectsWhat do you mean with slope objects? Do you want to make a sloped roof on a building or are you talking about sloped terrain? Can you clarify a bit more what you mean.>2) Texture objects. Can I do this staright from Gmax or do I>have to do it with a separate program?You will have to make the texture files themself in some sort of painting program. Like Paintshop Pro, PhotoShop or GIMP. But once you have made the texture file itself, you can map (position) the texturet on your object in GMax.Any basic tutorial should explain how to do that. For example check the house tutorial that comes with the FS2004 gamepack.>3) know of any programs that I can use to make it a .mdl file>and make it a Library Object?To export your objects you need to install the FS gamepack. I don't know which version you are using, for FS2004 you can download the gamepack. For FSX you need to have the Deluxe version that includes the SDK.To make it a library object you need to use BGLComp and some XML file, see the SDK for details. Or if you want a nice GUI, try the LibraryCreatorXML tool I made. It is available from the www.fsdeveloper.com site.
  6. Hi,It sounds a lot like that bridges.bgl file is the object library that contains all the models and maybe also the placement of the bridges. So when it is disabled your bridges placed from the same library do not show as well.There might be one more thing you could try. If UT has a different BGL file for the placement, you could try to disable that and leave the bridges.bgl there. In that case you should be able to place those objects and get rid of the default ones.
  7. Hi,>Woops I forgot something. I have one final question... must>be getting irritating for you guys at this point! Ihave Both>SBuilderX and FSUIPC 4 installed on my computer. However, when>I click on "fly airplane here" in SBuilderX, I get a dialogue>box saying "Error comminicating with FSUIPC!" How do I get>these two programs to work in conjunction with each other? Do>I have to provide a path for SBX?Normally that should not be needed. I would suggest you to ask this at the SBuilder forum of the author (at www.ptsim.com).
  8. Hi,>1)If I want to release some scenery on the web that depicts>real-life businesses or places using default buildings as>freeware, do I have to obtain permission from that place>first?That is a difficult one, especially as I am not a lawyer and the law is different in each country. I think formally you would have to do this in most places, but on the other hand if you have modelled it using freely available information then I don't think developers do this in general.>2)If I make an airport with Airport Design Editor home edition>and release it on the web as freeware, do I have to obtain>permission from whoever made ADE?Probably not, but check the manual that comes with ADE. Most programs don't put limitations on what you make, especially when you release it as freeware.>3)Is there anyway to create sloped runways with AFCAD 2.21 or>ADE, or is it possible to create sloped one by modifing the>aiports bgl file?No, the FSX scenery engine does not support sloped runways. If you do not use a XML runway, but some to techniques from the terrain SDK you can create polygons that follow the mesh, so in some cases that can be used for a runway as well.>4)Are there any freeware programs for creating AI traffic for>FSX, or are there any ways to create some myself without>having to acctually write up one of those confusing files that>is descibed in the FSX SDK.I don't know that one.>5)If i create landclass or waterclass using SBuilderX, once I>generate the files, where do they go (e.g what folder do I>stick them in?)All new scenery files you create go in the scenery folder of your project.>6)Another SBuilderX question. If I create an exclusion>rectangle, does it eliminate all scenery within the area, or>just default scenery. I'm afraid that if I use one to get rid>of some autogen I dont want that it'll take my scenery with>it.It will remove all scenery that has a lower priority then the scenery that contains the exclude. Depending on the layer you put the scenery at that can include other addon scenery and the default scenery.
  9. Hi,I don't know how UT disables the bridges, but if that involved preventing FS from loading the object library that contains the bridges, then you correctly placed version of the bridge will also disappear indeed.Do you have any more information on what happens when you disable bridges? Does that mean a scenery layer is turned off? Some BGL files are copied away?
  10. Hi,I think you are safe if you install the Acceleration SDK update.I think Phil means that you should not use the Acceleration specific parts of the SDK if you want your addon to also work with SP2. For example in the SimConnect SDK there are certain parts tagged as "Acceleration Pack only".
  11. Hi,An object in FS is more than only a BGL texture. So I think you will have to design a 3D model as well, on which you can then use the BMP file you already have.I don't know which version of FS you are using, but GMax is often used to make 3D models.
  12. Hi Jason,You indeed have to install MSXML which you can get from [a href=http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=3144b72b-b4f2-46da-b4b6-c5d7485f2b42&displaylang=en]here[/a].
  13. Hi Jim,As far as I know there is no way to get it correct in the first try. The first time the aircraft seems to be always placed at the flatten height.
  14. Hi,SceneGenX is more meant for airport design. If you want to add roads and towns, etc, I think using a tool like SBuilder (or another terrain design tool) will give you better results.
  15. Hi Jose,Have a look at this thread for example (it is just below your thread in this forum :)):http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=35339&page=
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