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Default VTP2 Layers in FS2004

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Hi all.Here's what I found for the default layers:Streams and Utility easements are layer 4.Railroad lines are layer 5.Road lines are layer 6.APBs ( airport background polys ) and VTP2 bridges are layer 7.Shorelines are layer 8.So the layering is:shorelines, over apbs, over roads, over rails, over streams and utility paths.I've also seen there is a priority of streams over utlity paths, even though they are the same layer... I think this is due to the fact that utility paths don't actually have a layer, but adjust the landclass groundtile to display the path. Also, the VTP2 bridges are obviously over all lines... but they are objects. I have not tested all bridges but I think it owuld make sense that they were all the same. They probably should have been layer 5 or 6 for rails or roads, but then again, all the lines should have conformed to the SDK layer guidelines!Although the numbering system is more compressed, we can continue to use the older layer designations if we like... just remember to exclude the right layer.Note the stream depressions and the road leveling remain in the mesh after exclusion... another complication for remeshing ( or perhaps another opportunity ).Dick

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