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Guest GerrishGray

Hi JimI take it that you mean can we disassemble the new default scenery BGL's for FS2004? If so, I'm afraid that the answer is no. Much of the FS2004 default scenery has been recompiled using a new, alternative, 'RIFF' format for BGL's that we do not yet have any information about. On the face of it, we shall have to wait for the FS2004 scenery SDK before we have much hope of disassembling it successfully. FS2004 does, however, also understand the traditional BGL format so that we can use our exisiting tools to create scenery until new tools appear for the new format.However, some determined work examining the new RIFF code with our hex editors and coordinating our work through this forum might just enable us to understand things ahead of the MS SDK ... it has worked before and Christian Stock has already made a good stab at interpreting the new style BGL headers and the new AFD instructions ... see separate thread. Theoretically, there is probably no reason why we shouldn't be able to create a new set of macros for use with existing copies of BGLC so that we could also compile BGL's in the new format, pending the release of new tools from MS ...CheersGerrish

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