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  1. >BTW, is that Jim's face on one of the flyboys standing outside>the museum?>Actually, I'm picking up garbage over by the Glanford 2 hangar.Most of the team and friends can be found somewhere on the airport proper.There is also a special MS acquaintance rendered.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  2. It is not a necessity to have Ultimate Terrain installed but things will not look quite right without it.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  3. I have an associate who has created custom 20cm/pixel aerial scenery for his country in FSX. It's 12 Gigs100 megs downloads in about 7 minutes.Yes, sceneries can be broken down but then the end user has to jump through hoops installing it.One of our sceneries was like that. It has been downloaded over 67,000 times and I can't even begin to count how many emails we recieved because of istallation problems due to the split.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  4. I sent an email as below last week and I may of missed a reply.I'll ask the same questions hereWe are in the final stages of our Beta cycle and intend to release our next major scenery on Staurday.We do have a concern and want to nip it in the bud before we run into our usual release nightmares.The file properties of the zip are as follows:99.5 MB (104,423,424 bytes) The question of course is, with your upload file size restriction, will this zip be kicked out? May I also point out and suggest that the limited 100 mb file upload restiction just won't cut it anymore with the release of FSX. The ground tile format is 4x that of FS9 and custom scenries will even be worse and will be in Gigs not MBs. I'm suggesting 400 mbs as a new limit. http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  5. Remove the following:convair1.bglC172Rytz.bglC172Yytz.bglSenecaYTZ.bglhttp://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  6. I thought I would post this question here as I think it has something to do with display setting changes in GMAX because after doing so, the problem startedAll the planes, building and even ground texture that use alpha channel display properly however, all my taxiway lines and holdlines do not display transparency anymore. Oddest thingI have had this problem before but I can not remember how I solved it.Any ideas?http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  7. I would suggest that you read and follow the instructions again.You have missed something somewhere along the line.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  8. With a little comparison testing I figured it out.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  9. Where in a FS2002 ASM file do you find the heading degrees?The FS2002 makemdl always rounds off heading degrees and I need a heading of .5 degreeshttp://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  10. Thanks for the tips. Time for some trial and errorhttp://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  11. Is there somewhere one can put edited MS textures, eg.RUNWAY12.bmp,other than the default texture folder so the textures are only used/called in a developed scenery's immediate area?Or, is it possible to redirect an Afcad path to a different texture set for a particular AFCAD?http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  12. Maybe a logical statement and a button to choose the new or old scheme could be added to the sim.I have to try.LOLThe comparison shots by Luis say it all.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=30289&page=Runway IDs and piano key differences.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  13. The pics reminded me of another point.How did the wrong number of piano keys on runways ever get past the last beta team?I wonder if this has been corrected in FSX?It would make my day if I new it was.Jason?http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  14. >Just so's you guys know, we're not at the point where we can>really talk about features. ANything I say on this matter is>to be taken with a grain of salt. Maybe I can sneak my pet peeve question in as well. If you revisit an airport or two, might one find PCL (Pilot Controlled Lighting)?I'll bw happy to take your answer with a grain of salt.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
  15. As a scenery designer it has always puzzled me why anyone would adjust this setting from anything but extremely dense. You'll miss all sorts of scenery levels.Leave it alone unless you have a Duron 800.http://www.flightontario.com/images/sig_jkanold.gif
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