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  1. Charlie Chew

    Who Should Get Prepar3d ?

    P3D won't be for you -- at least not yet -- if you're planning on simming with Nvidia 3D Vision glasses. They're not compatible.
  2. Is there such a thing? I've seen radio stacks for the iPad and Android tablets, but not Windows. If not an "app", is there a way to display the radio stack on a second computer, say through an add-on via Simconnect? My tablet's running Windows 8.1.
  3. Charlie Chew

    3D Glasses and FSX

    Been 3-D simming -- first with red-and-blue glasses, then Edimensional shutter glasses, and now with 3DVision glasses -- for about five years now. Adds a new level of immersion to FSX.
  4. Charlie Chew

    EZCA v2 news.

    Will V2 work with Freetrack head tracking software? V1 does, for about 15 minutes, then crashes, and the Freetrack community hasn't been able to find a solution. I know many people who will purchase V2 if this gets fixed.
  5. Charlie Chew

    FS9 and Vista

    sorry- double post
  6. Charlie Chew

    FS9 and Vista

    Hi All,Has VOXATC (FS9) been updated to run under Vista? I recently bought a new laptop that runs FS9 great, but unfortunately driver issues prevent me from running XP on a separate partition without overheating the GPU.As great as FS9 runs on Vista, VOXATC seems to be a no-go on this OS. Is there an update or a workaround I'm not aware of, and if not, are there still plans to make VOXATC Fs9-compatible?Thanks,Charlie
  7. Charlie Chew

    Salzburg scenery for FS9?

    I just received an e-mail from Rudolph at RGFlight, and he confirmed the FS9 version is no longer available for purchase.Too bad. Those also using FSX may want to check out the new Salzburg scenery for themselves. It looks fantastic.Cheers,Charlie
  8. Charlie Chew

    Salzburg scenery for FS9?

    I'd love to buy it, but perhaps it's been pulled from Simmarket? There's a Simmarket page for the FS9 version, but there's no "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button, as there are for other product pages on Simmarket. Also, when I do a search by manufacturer under "RGFlight," there are no products listed.
  9. Charlie Chew

    Salzburg scenery for FS9?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll check out the freeware.I don't see any downloads available from RGFlight at Simmarket at the moment, but I'll keep checking in.Charlie
  10. Charlie Chew

    Salzburg scenery for FS9?

    RGFlight is due to release its Salzburg 2008 scenery for FSX at any moment now. Does anyone know if there is an FS9 version in the works, or if there is a previous version of RGFlight scenery for Salzburg available somewhere for purchase?Cheers,Charlie
  11. Charlie Chew

    FS9, Vista & VOXATC

    Does anyone know if there's a workaround or an official update for VOXATC (FS9) that will work in Vista? Any help would be appreciated.Cheers,Charlie
  12. Charlie Chew

    Fs9 question for PFC yoke owners

    Respectfully,TrackIR does blow freelook and cam2pan away, but free track gives TrackIR a run for its money. It currently gives 4DOF in FS9 and 6DOF - with luck they'll be adding the last 2DOF in an upcoming version.Charlie
  13. Looks good Christian.Will users be able to enable/disable water mask in the ProxyUser.ini file? Water masks will be great for many, but I'm running FS9 on a low-end machine that can't display water reflections. For me, the TileProxy water looks better and it would be great to have the option to keep it.Thanks,Charlie
  14. Charlie Chew

    Two newbie questions

    Thanks Zane! I appreciate your clearing up the Utopia Radio mystery, and everything seems to be working fine when opening my flight plan. I've downloaded AFCAD and will crack it open tonight or tomorrow.Between VOXATC, Tileproxy, and custom models from Flight Ontario, I just can't believe how immersive FS9 has become! Thanks again,Charlie
  15. Charlie Chew

    Two newbie questions

    Hi All,I'm completely new to ATC phraseology and protocol, and I've recently purchased VOXATC, and I'm really enjoying it. I've also purchased Comm1 VFR Radio Simulator so I can better understand what's being said in VOXATC and why.There two simple things I'm having a tough time figuring out however, and I'd really appreciate some help.1) Utopia Radio - Before taxiing, VOXATC prompts me to contact Utopia Radio to request that they open my flight plan. Why is it called Utopia Radio? As I understand it, what I'm actually doing is contacting my area's Flight Service Station. I believe in the area where I'm flying (southern Ontario), the FSS is based in London, Ont. Is "Utopia Radio" a generic term that is used when then proper name of the FSS isn't known by VOXATC?2) Opening a flight plan/Zulu time -- As I understand it, Zulu time is five hours ahead of EST. The trouble is, with the VOXATC prompt window closed, I can never predict the corrent time to say I'm opening my flight plan. At first I thought the correct Zulu time would be my clock's time (EST) plus five hours, but the time listed in the prompt box is sometimes +5 hours and 14 minutes, or +5 and 23 minutes. Is there a simple way to determine the right time to open the flight plan without looking at the prompt box.Hope this makes sense. Many thanks,Charlie