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Not seeing ILS lights at ends of runways .... FS2K2

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Hi all.First let me tell you what I tried to do.GOAL: Create taxiways,parking areas, and ILS/GlidePath/DME for the airport named: 12NC (Atlantic MCOLF) located in North Carolina/USA.NOW..............the original 12NC airport had three runways. It had no AFT other then a single entry for arrivals. The longest runway of the three was not the one I wanted to use for traffic. AND there where no runway Nav Aids present as would be expected at a MIL airport.What I did using AFCAD:1. added parking areas.2. added taxiways.3. changed the two runways I wanted to use to be some twenty feet longer then the original longest one. Then of course added the runway information, ILS/GP/DME/Frequencies to each end of the two runways. OFF course I exported new versions then eventually imported the newest version and save it to FS2K2 database files. In this case the FS2002SCENEDBAFDFILESSCENERYusseaf13.bgl file is the one that gets updated upon saving the AFCAD changes.What I did using EasyNav:1. While AFCAD window still active, used it to get exact locations, elevation etc., for ILS/GP/DME ............and then ADDED these foursets in EasyNav to the CORRECT database file: for instance in this case I was working with the FS2002SCENEDBWesthemusseSceneryusseils.bgl file. YES I made sure I copied the updated new bgl back to the appropriate folder after creating the new Nav aids etc.. Have been using EasyNav for a number of airport changes, so I know I am doing everthing correctly.What I did using AFDTREE:1. After changes where made per above, called AFDTREE program and loaded the usseaf13.bgl file. I shows up all the new additions I added for the ATC FREQUENCIES, new sizes of runways, the LOC/GP/DMEand frequencies assinged to tower, arrival, dep, etc.. In short,comparing the file while in AFDTREE with other stock airports, the file looks like it is correct, with nothing missing, from a textual standpoint.OK. Now I start FS2K2. While in the map mode, I SEE ALL THE ASSIGNED RUNWAY NAVAIDS AND COMMUNICATION FREQS ETC.. I can alsogo to any of the four ends of the two active airports and see that theILS Localizers are right on the button for the degree number assigned.In short. Everthing WORKS FINE.THE ONLY HITCH IS, THAT DUE TO THE SHORT RUNWAYS....MY ASSIGNED AI AIRPLANDS WILL NOT LAND, THEY TRY TWICE TO LAND BUT JUST PRIOR TO LANDING.....THEY SIGNAL TOWER OF A NEAR MISS AND CIRCLE FOR ANOTHER ATTEMPT. THEN THEY DISSAPPEAR UPON LANDING OR JUST FLY BY WITHOUT LANDING. OK. SO I GO BACK INTO AFCAD.........Make the two active runways longer......original was around 3500, MAKE THE TWO 5000 FEET.SAVE AFCAD FILES, RESTART SIMULATOR. Now the AI traffic land and park OK. I realize that the actual locations for the ILS LOC/ now are not at the ends of the runways. But the planes land and take off OK. PROBLEM: I DO NOT SEE LANDING ILS STROBE LIGHTS AT ENDS OF RUNWAYS.Which is a pain, when I am trying to land in total darkness of night conditions. The airport is next to the Atlantic Ocean, so making approaches from the sea for instance are tough with now ILS/strobe lights showing up.MY QUESTION IS THIS:Does someone know what bgl file actually contains the information that places the ILS Incoming Strobe Lights at the ends of a runway?And if so, is there any tools that allow one to examine just where the GPS coordinates are for those ILS strobe lights and perhaps allow one to shift them a bit so that they show up.YES I made sure the elevation for the ILS/DMD/GP where the same for the actual elevation of the two runways. So that is not the issue. I even tried to "adjust the ILS/DME/GP" elevations both in EasyNav and AFCAD to be a few feet higher then the runways just to see if the strobe lights might show up. No deal.Lastly thanks but no thanks, I do not wish to use AIRPORT 210 or FSSCto add runway Nav Aids and Facitily Director information to create new overlaid runways at this site because things get fouled up often when going this route, and as you are aware, one then has additionalset of BGL files that APT210 creates to have to manage in the future.That is why I ask if someone can tell me the actual file that FS2K2 uses to place the VISUAL ILS INCOMING STROBE LIGHTS, so perhaps I could fiddle with that file and recompile it.Again, just from experience creating and adding runways etc., with said tools, it appears that everything I did was OK. Other then having to increase the length of the runways as described, while in AFCAD. But hey, folks have said to do this to force a given runway(s) to be the active ones for the past few years. And it worked for me a number of times, so I don't understand why I cannot see the strobe lights at the ends of the two runways......Any help would be appreciated. The lengthly explaination was to provide an accurate account of what I have done, so that some expert might pick out something that was not done, or done wrong.regards all,George

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