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Things I love that could be better...

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There seems to be a general feeling here lately that negative feedback is somehow bashing contributors, either freeware or payware. I personally feel that without pointing out these issues, there is little incentive for the hobby to progress. In the interest of explaining how my mind works, I thought I would give a quick list of things I love in this hobby and why, and offer one or two suggestions of how they could still be improved. Perhaps others will want to join in. This forum really needs to be more open-minded IMO (but, then, that is only my opinion).FS2K2 - I spend probably 25 hours per week using it, not counting the numerous times I log on to this site a day to keep current. I won't even list the things that could be improved, though, because there are entire threads devoted to that here.PIC767 - The most gratifying product I've ever purchased for MSFS bar none. Still, I'd love to see a VC. That's the only suggestion I can think of really.DFArcher - The best GA addon for MSFS I've tried. I've never been a fan of the single engine addons but this one feels just like flying in my Dad's ole Bellanca Viking. Changes? I thought the red floodlight treatment of the VC panel at night was a bit of a cop-out since FSD and others have shown that virtual gauges can be realistically lit. God, I love the sound of this plane though!FSD Cheyenne - Cool plane to fly and the first one I tried that let me go back and sit in the cabin. Great VC and I love the fact that it includes a 2D partial panel with the engine gauges that I can place on my second monitor with the avionics. It was the impetus for me to buy a bunch of soldering equipment and rig switches to an old keyboard so I could stay in the VC world. Things I'd change? The yoke in the VC blocks the DME and some other info, unless I move real close to the gauges. It's a speed demon on the taxiways, as has been documented, but FSUIPC allowed me to remap the throttles so I can really get it back to idle.FlightMax - A great nav addon that wasn't dumbed down (much) for FS users. Great job negotiating the chart packages that, for $50, have opened up a whole new world to discover VFR. They're working on the FSMeteo interface, the networking, and the resizing capability. Once that is done it is hard to imagine how it could be much better!Reality XP - A great avionics package that just looks great on my second monitor. We're told a better database is on its way and that will be welcome. It is not as fully functional as the FlightMax but there are rumours of an upgraded IFR model. I hope they do that before they start working on their moving map unit.TrackerIR - I absolutely love this thing! An IMAX screen would be better but this is as close to virtual reality graphics that I'm likely to get anytime soon. Downside? Not enough sticky things to put on my head (I keep wearing them to work!). It doesn't seem to work with CFS2 (at least for me) but it's great with IL2!FSMeteo - About the only addon I bought a long time ago and still use everyday. I consistently wonder how the developer is doing because I keep getting free updates and usage of a weather server for something that paid for itself over a year ago. I would buy a new version if for no other reason but to support the developer. Changes? I guess I wish it started automatically with FS2K2. Certainly be nice if it integrated with FlightMax. Other than that, I can't really think of anything!FSUIPC - I don't honestly understand what it does but it revolutionized our hobby and allows me to use a whole bunch of cool addons! And it was free! I can't really recommend changes to something I barely understand! So that's my list of things I love about FS. These are as close to perfect as I think we might see, but I've tried to point out that even they can be improved. As for myself? I love myself in a Mr. Rogers sort of way, but could stand to lose about 25lbs and exercise about a tenth as much as I use flightsims. ;-)David

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