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Joel Gill's Canadian Roads - testing

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Joel, here are the coordinates of pieces missing from the 401 from Toronto (near CYYZ) to the Quebec border. As I said in the other post, it's hard to believe this is missing from the source data, and it might be better to look at your processing to see how these errors are being created. Good luck!N43 40.22 W79 35.52N43 43.03 W79 30.59N43 44.94 W79 24.74N43 46.94 W79 14.93N43 50.07 W79 4.81N43 52.83 W78 45.03N43 56.62 W78 25.28N43 59.54 W78 9.87N43 59.93 W78 8.04N44 0.00 W78 4.17N44 0.54 W78 0.11N44 3.46 W77 48.69N44 13.70 W77 10.86N44 15.27 W76 59.69N44 16.52 W76 52.42N44 19.88 W76 14.13N44 22.66 W76 0.32N44 38.98 W75 37.84N44 40.09 W75 36.53N45 7.30 W74 31.71N45 12.68 W74 20.61N45 20.04 W74 6.18N45 21.07 W74 3.66Jon

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