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  1. Hi Mitch,I suggest that if you had run the Vancouver+ repair facility you might not have difficulties with SP2.Folks, at http://jonpatch.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/notes-on-fsx-sp2/ you can find a summary of the implications of SP2.Jon
  2. FSX does have the ability for scenery developers to specify custom autogen, perhaps as you say there's a way to create an addon package that replaces the default with more realistically-sized objects ...Jon
  3. Roger that, I understand your frustration. All the best in getting your issues resolved.Meantime, back on topic, Manny, I downloaded your goodies and tried it out. What a great addition!Jon
  4. gaosys, I don't have experience with Megascenery support, but their documentation gives an email adddress: support@megascenery.com. Did you try this?Jon
  5. MSFS (or any simulator) is based on illusion: how can we distract and trick the eye and mind with information that looks real, but isn't. The autogen size is one such trick, and I think it's overall effective. As machines get more powerful perhaps MS will further increase autogen density by another couple of orders of magnitude, allowing the use of realistically-sized autogen.Jon
  6. Indeed the autogen is huge. Don't know why, but one guess is that if it were more realistic in size, the scenery would look a lot less full...Jon
  7. Excellent, Mark, thanks for checking back in... Happy flying!Jon
  8. Mark, please refer to your Vancouver+ pdf manual for scenery library order. And ensure that you have run:Start->All Programs->FSAddon->Vancouver+ FSX->Uninstall Vancouver+ FSX then chosen the Repair button, and clicked ok.JOn
  9. This discussion, although useful, is avoiding the reality that developing addon scenery and aircraft is much more important than flying in the sim. Critical to that is the interoperability and functional extensions of the new FS11 SDK, and I have some concerns. In the beta version, I'm finding in the documentation that the holographic mouseovers have a little too much chartreuse. The 5dsmax telepathic animation/transparency/texturing tool is prone to interference and distortion: I can no longer watch Bugs Bunny when designing. On the plus side, we all understood the loss of backwards compatibility, and it's heartening to see this philosophy extended: during the beta cycle, it's been decided to drop forward compatibility as well.Finally, the elimination of the NDA requirements of beta testers has vastly increased the amount of feedback, speculation and premature ranting on Aces blogs and the forums. MS responded quickly with the recent duodecacloning of Phil Taylor which, although disturbing to his family, allows simmers to focus on what's important: talking about the sim rather than flying, thus taking the pressure off addon developers and eliminating the need for computer upgrades. I'm sure the recent bankruptcy of HP, Dell and several other hardware vendors is unrelated.Jon
  10. Hi Manny, I know I answered this elsewhere, but for folks who followed this thread, Vancouver+ uses mostly default runway textures. There are some custom textures on the apron at CYPK.Jon
  11. Roger that, Manny, I'll leave it with you and Umberto ...Jon
  12. Hi Manny, thanks for checking back in. I'm not sure, from that thread, why you're stuck though ...Jon
  13. Jim1. Partly2. YesAcceleration combines additional aircraft, missions and all the fixes and changes in SP2 so it changes many FSX core files.With Acceleration you don't need SP2.Jon
  14. You can find additional info at http://jonpatch.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/notes-on-fsx-sp2/Jon
  15. The long conversion and upgrade process for Microsoft Flight Simulator addons continues, as we convert to FSX and enhance products in the process. I will be assisting Holger with Misty Fjords: my task is to re-create the following airfields:CYPR - Prince Rupert (we'll likely do a bit of the cruise ship docks as well)CZST - StewartPANT - Annette IslandPAKT - Ketchikan (likely include cruise ship terminal as well)If you have any photos of these fields, or data, we may be able to use this information. Even better if you live in one of those areas, and can take photos at our direction, that would be awesome.Release date for this product is not set, and is certainly some time away.Please send me a private message or post a comment at http://jonpatch.wordpress.com/2007/12/15/c...sty-fjords-fsx/ if you can help.Thanks!Jon
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