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  1. I have nothing but good things to say about FSS, I highly recommend them both to vendors and customers, yet they are imperfect of course. I understand they are now in direct touch with you to resolve the issue. Please report back here once you are fixed up, and thanks again for your patience. Jon
  2. Ok, Henry, since it's clear this is an installer issue, which was created by FSS, please contact them at , quoting this thread. Let us know how it goes.Thanks for your patience.
  3. Henry, manually add these folders to the scenery library: \Addon Scenery\JP_Object_Library \Addon Scenery\VictoriaPlus PNW And of course be sure to add Larry's goodies as described in the manual.
  4. Good info. Will advise when I get hold of the programmer who did the installer, that's where the issue lies. You did install from an account with admin privileges, correct?
  5. We'll figure something out, Henry. Meantime you can uninstall Vic+ V8 and reinstall. Jon
  6. Thanks for the info. We're working on it. So you can be prepared, you have to reinstall FSX.
  7. Alrighty, thanks, we'll look into it. Do you have FTX Vector installed?
  8. Glad you enjoyed the area and welcome to the forum! A couple of things. Do you mean Activation Config.ini? Can you advise which distributor you purchased from? They have different installers .... Jon
  9. According to Zenobyte on this thread (scroll down a bit) in the Steam forum: "Installed.. Orbx FTX NA Series ( Pacific Fjords, Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska, Northern + Central Rockies, and Northern California) as well as Victoria+, Vancouver+ v3 and Tongass Fjords X... All installed without issue."
  10. I believe VictoriaPlus will install fine on virgin installs of FSX Steam, ie no previous versions FSX installed. The following scenarios are unclear a this point: - whether it will install properly in a dual-FSX system - whether it will install in a system with FSX Steam, if FSX has been installed, and completely removed prior to installing FSX Steam Any experiences welcome.
  11. Did your scenery library priority fixup solve this? Only 1 static freighter at Ogden Point...