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Hi,I should be really grateful for some help. I want to make custom textures and assign autogen to them. I am new to scenery design and I know that this topic has been extensively discussed in this forum - I have read the posts. Unfortunately, I don't properly understand what I am supposed to do to get autogen to show up on custom textures.I am using Ground 2k4 version 5.04 to make a VTP2 poly. and assigning #253 for the Custom texture. After reading the posts on this with as much understadning as I could muster I gathered that one has to use as the texture name the number shown at the bottom right of the Ground 2k4 screen and that that same number is of course assigned to the autogen file for that texture. For a little test I did this using only four textures - however when I try to load FS9 it always crashes - as if it cannot find the textures assigned by the VTP2 bgl.I am obviously being woefully stupid about this but I should really appreciate it if someone could say what the process is step by step as if for a simpleton.Many thanks.For reference I enclose a copy of the VTP2 asm file.;--------------------------------------------------; Ground2K4 Polys VTP2 : Generated on 17/04/2005 23:41:28;--------------------------------------------------include TDFMacros.incinclude TDFHeaders.incBGLHeader 53, 51, 0, -3, TerrainHeaderStart, VTPHeaderVTPHeader label word VTPFileHeader 256, VTPIndexStart, TextureStart, VTPEndVTPStart label word datamark_v0 label word VTPDataArea 1, 1, 27, 10 VTPLayer 4, 0 VTPNumTexturesInLayer 1, 0 VTPTextureId 0, 0 VTPPolyCount 1, 0;;; VTPPolyMethod2 4, 0, 0 VTPPointXY2 10700, 8932 VTPPointXY2 11221, 8924 VTPPointXY2 11221, 9423 VTPPointXY2 10722, 9438 datamark_v1 label word;----------------------------------------------Cellv_379_106 EQU VTPCellID 0, 379, 106;---------------------------------------------- VTPIndexStart label word VTPIndexHeader 1, VTPIndexData, VTPStart VTPIndexData label word VTPIndexEntry Cellv_379_106, VTPStart, datamark_v0, datamark_v1;-----------------------------TextureStart label word VTPTextureListHeader 1, TextureIndexStart, TextureDataStart, TextureDataEndTextureIndexStart label word VTPTextureListEntry TextureDataStart, texturemark_0, texturemark_1TextureDataStart label word texturemark_0 label word VTPTextureName "253" VTPTextureType 0, 0, 0, 0 texturemark_1 label wordTextureDataEnd label word; ------------------------------VTPEnd label word

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