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Below is the text of an email I have sent to a group of correspendents who had trouble with textures missing in some of my published addon sceneries. This illustrates the problem: the questions are; does anyone else have this problem?, and, what can we do about it?---From: John McKeonTo: all my scenery contactsDate: Friday 30 SeptemberI have received a number of queries about two recent sceneries of mine, Cardington and Tangmere. I hope that this circular, which addresses the issues raised, will serve to answer your particular query.I have joined the Golden Wings project, which provides a pre-1939 Flight Simulator world, and all of my Vintage Airport sceneries will soon be re-issued in a format compatible with FS-VFR and FSGW global scenery, starting with Cardington.Golden Wings can be found athttp://windrfters.comMay I also recommend to you the aircraft and scenery offered by the VFR Addons database, at missing texturesIf buildings or trees are showing white at Tangmere, you are missing NOVA and NOVAGOLD textures, or the Trees library: check the Readme file for details.Cardington: missing texturesIf certain ground areas show white, you are missing some legacy texture files from FS2000/2002 which are absent or renamed in FS9 and FSGW. I will package and post them on the library sites as a fix, but here is a quick fix:The offenders are called: ASPHALT.BMP & ASPHALT.R8, GRASS.BMP, PRARIE.BMP.Find suitable ones in a texture folder, copy and rename as above. PRARIE is just very rough grass, ASPHALT is concrete divided into 8x8 squares.For example, find GRASS_SU.BMP in FS2002, copy to FS9/Texture, and rename the copy GRASS.BMP, or copy and rename TEXTURE.BMP in Cardington/Texture folder. It is a very useful sort of grey smudge which could be anything.Cardington: "patchwork" textures, only affecting "Golden Wings" scenery(solution in email from John Burford, thanks John)>John,>Re my earlier mails relating to texture problems and a green and black>"tartan" effect at the VLA's, Tangmere etc. and in various sceneries by>other designers when used in GW, the forum folk seem to have found the>answer.>It requires asphalt.bmp and asphalt.r8 from the original FS9 to be moved in>to replace the ones in the main texture folder and in your scenery folders>(I should do some housekeeping to clear up duplications, but at least I >have>the textures now!)>Hope you have not been saturated with correspondence about this, but I'm>glad I know the answer now. Your sceneries are simply too good not to use,>and thanks once more for making them available to the community.>Regards,>John---

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