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Taxiway to active runway (Ben Gurion airport)

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I have been working on Ben Gurion Airport, using very good scenery I found on this site. I have added many AI flights but am having trouble with the AFCAD for the airport.Placing gates is easy but getting the traffic to go to the active via the most realistic taxiway (runway3) is somewhat difficult. From what I can tell, in order to get from the terminal areas, eithe new or old I have to have my traffic follow taxiway 'K' to runway 3 which is apparently the correct taxiway to to runway 26 (the active runway).The problem is my planes turn off the runway 3 onto an adjacent parallel minor taxiway which goes into runway 26.Is there a way to force traffic to utilize the correct route without cutting nodes in the minor taxiway.Also does anyone know if this is the right route for Ben Gurion Airport to the active runway?Thanks

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