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Hi,Well, congratulations. Where did you end up getting the sim at. And what did you pay?Since I don't know what your name is, I'll just say that we are all here to help you. There are a ton of viable add-ons to help make your Fly!II flights more enjoyable. Your system is higher end than mine and quite a few others, so if you have any concerns, please list them and we will all walk you through it.For Scenery, Terrascene 2.1 is the best program I have found yet. And of course, it is Free. Todd has poured his heart into that one, and it is extremely easy to turn out scenery.You will also most likely want to experiment with different skies, or render.ini's.I use different Render.ini files at night and depending where I am flying. City, mountains, etc...For changing that I advise you get a file called Flystart in the library. There is also Jure's great Clouds.since you are new to the Fly platform, please realize that it is a totally different sim than MSFS2002. Try not to make direct comparisons, because they both act differently.You will also need to have a bit of patience with this sim. You will encounter anomolies from time to time. These are most likely related to add-ons that you have made. So please make note of the add-ons you are placing in your folders and what files it places where. (This is the same technique I use for MSFS2002.Here is a list of utility add-ons that should make your flights a bit more pleasant and Welcome to the Fly Community. :-)Regards,Joe RanosBisimual Pilot at Large. :-lol :-lolNew Moon: Lightning: Quickgen: (Customizable with key cliks model generator) Screenshot DLL (Great exclusive Fly!II Screenshot program) Utility, a must have :-) list of maps By Rob westhouse (Digital Charts) Make sure you grab all those map packs in the Navigation Library too. is a Map Patch that will fixthe few overlap issues and Plane Icon placement on the moving map: A Must Have:'s Real Sky Version 3 Jure's Bright Sky Famous Big Mamma's Cumulonimbus set by Jure Dolanec Cloud Layer by Jure Dolanec!II VFR Ocean 2.1 (You can cover the world with this puppy) 2.1 ( All the modeling in an easy to use program) If you want to model every airport in the world, this one is for you.***********************************Sites to See***********************************Make sure you visit Johnny's Fly Zone as well... are some great Aircraft and files at ROTW- Go get that Socata TBM 700: have heard of PMDG, now go see their wares: Air simulations gave some freeware stuff as well. Especially the GPS sound replacement file, Flyhawk revised flightmodel, and Pilatus Flight model. :-lol addition to these tools, there are many others in the Fly!II Library. There are tons of Airports, Taxiways, scenery, terrascene, etc..... Too many to list, but if you are not sure about a program, inquire in the forum, that is what we are all here for.Best Regards,Joe Ranos

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