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Alitalia Taormina, Hold Short

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I've just gotten the ok from Robert at PMDG to post the Alitalia, but...Being the critical slob that I am, I've been gazing at this screenshot and comparing it to the reference photo of the 777 that I used and I've noticed subtile differences between the real Alitalia 777 and this one. Therefore she's going back into the paint shop. I need to drop the position of the windows and reduce their size a bit which means I have to redo the thickness of the green stripe and redo the angled bit at the back. I need to reduce the size of the System logo at the front, make a few changes to fuse details, add some shadowing under the horizontal stabilizer and remove some detail from the engines. I may have this done this evening when I get home, or Friday night, depending on how picky I get.The reworked Southwest 737-500 is about 75% done. Everything is in place and all I need to do is move and resize different elements of the repaint. This one should follow quickly on the heals of the Alitalia release.Pete

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