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How to repaint flaps / ailerons for cockpitviews

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Hy folks, How to repaint a aileron. This is the way it goes:1Start Fly and make a screenshot looking ( from the cockpit)over the west (or east) wing.2Use this screenshot BMPand make a sketch of how you want the wing to look with striping on it.In other words make this screenshot look as the repaint was already done.Later we use this BMP when we are painting the wing views ( alileron,flap and wing must match!!!!!)3Start Flygraphics and convert the flapanimation(west) . PBG to a BMP.Flygraphics will make a BMP and a TXT file.During the whole process thes files should stay together.The txt file is needed by the re-conversion to PBG.4Open this BMP in your paint-program.Edit the colorpallette and make the color in field 0 BLACK(0,0,0)The blue tuns black now.Then increase to 16 milj colors.Now use the colorswapper and replace the BLACK(0,0,0) by light blue again.5Select the middlelest flap including the non-moving part of the wing andplace this on the screenshot.( use layer)6Now restore the painting on the wing and aileron again.7Bring the flap(painted now) back to the aileron animation BMP..8Select the non-moving part of the animation and copy it over allthe positions.It is the non-moving part so they are all the same.9Now paint all the stripes on all positions ,working from the neutralposition towards the max-up and max-down positions.IT IS VITAL TO WORK FROM THE MIDDLE-POSITION!10When this all has been done use colorswapper and make blue go Black(0,0,0)again.11Go to 256 clrs again.You think I am ready now and can convert to PBG again.YOU ARE NOT12Use the colorswapper again and go to blue instead of Black (0,0,0)again BUT DO NOT GO TO 16 milj colors.Because you used aliaising there is a part of the striping at the rear-edgeof the aileron wich is not the right color.13You`ll have to correct those spots pixel by pixel , to avoid bad black spotsat the rear-edge of the repainted parts.14After retouching all those spots, use the colorswapper and go back toblack (0,0,0).15Use Flygraphics to convert to a PBG and ACT.16Put these PBG and ACT files in the ART folder and look at the result.Probably you`ll see still some bad spots occur when moving the ailerons.Go back to the BMP restore the bad spots and try again.( swapping coloragain,otherwise you cannot find the dark spots)17At last the job is FINISHED and YOU ARE FINISHED TOO.18Now lean back, and have a drink and play a CDYou deserve it now.I wish you lots of succes,Leen:-beerchug

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