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Towing gliders in FLY2, TESTED, this is real great stu...

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Hi folks,Earlier today I posted a message about the Gliders.This evening I had the time to try it out myself and I am thrilled.Starting from the platform of Rotterdam Airport I taxied to the the beginning of runway 24.I had chosen two gliders to be avaiable at the airstrip.On the grass near the runway I found two lovely Stemme -gliders.After taking position on the runway I gave command to attach one of the gliders to my P28 (backspace)I could see the glider move and park behind my plane.After a long run WE became airborne and we circled over Rotterdamtill we reached approx. 7000 feet.There I disconnected the glider from my aircraft (ctrl-backspace).Now we were flying and I could circle around the glider and fly in (very) close formation , not for some seconds,but for a long time!!!!It was unbeleveable , this is so thrilling , THIS IS REAL.THANK YOU LAURENT CLAUDET (ROTW) for making this superb add-on.And....ehhhh.When it`s possible to make the Pa28 ( and others) tow gliders......Well........mmmmmmmmmm my Pa19 PH-WAP repaint is a towing-planeused to tow banners (see the towing work-note in the cockpit)Laurent,could I have my Pall-Mall-Export banner , not sailing aroundin the air after disconnection,but falling straight to earth , to be picked up by the banner-man , who just placed a ROTW-banner on the poles, for the next run ???Sorry Laurent , this tastes so good , it tastes like more. :) :)With my digital camera I made some shots.Real shots , no PaintShop hocus-pocus.Regards/amiti

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