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Chris,It appears you sliced TS files without first removing all previous Data subdirectories and files. Whenever you are going to slice new scenery, it's a good idea to remove all current Data items to a temporary location or...simply rename the regular Data directory to something like hold_data or data_, then make a new empty Data directory for slicing the scenery. Once your new scenery is finished, delete the directory and all files in it - then rename the original directory back to Data and you're in business.DPAO0649.SMF is a model file for Allen Kriesman's Palo Alto airport scenery. It's reference file would be in the DataD169156 folder. Either this folder was present when you sliced, or the reference file was in one of your data subfolders. Model files weren't meant to be sliced, so that's probably what caused the error.If you left your original Data directory in place, then all of the new TS files would have "intermingled". You're going to need to clear out all the TS files (without damaging or erasing your scenery files), then rename the Data folder and proceed as I've outlined above - sure keeps you out of trouble! :-)

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