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How to drive the aircraft with my own data?

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G'day HF Hero,Ok, as this is your second post I assume you are wanting to alter the data in one of Fly! II's aircraft.The data is stored in several files. What I suggest you do is use the program Podview (in the tools folder). Load the aircraft pod file you wish to modify, and extract all the files that belong in the world directory to a working directory. ( there are about a dozen files you need to extract).*.wng file contains most of the airframe flight performance data.Open this file in Wordpad and scroll through it and try to make sense of how the data is presented. *.eng and *.prp contain the engine and propellor data.Other files you may want to look at are the*.NFO*.SVH*.LODChanging data MUST be done one parameter at a time and then flying the aircraft and seeing what the result is. Sometimes the result is not what you might expect. There is a LOT of trial and error that has to take place to get the desired result. You really need to have a pretty fair understanding of theory of flightIf you run into a specific problem then post and I'll TRY (I'm still a rank begginer) to help you.Cheers,Roger

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