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UKS SRTM elevation status

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Thanks for the Biggin Hill stuff agtim! Over the weekend I redid both Cowes and BH with the new elevation, and its like a new game! The river at Cowes is now very deep, and it happens to be on a tile boundary, so there were many FLED errors before I could get it finally to work. So no more floating Cowes! As I said before, having now flown over a topographically improved IOW its hard to imagine going back to the old version. I have separated Cowes/Osborne from the rest as you suggested.The same goes for Biggin Hill. I love this airport, and now it really does sit on a hill, with little valleys running into it. This area is excellent. But I had lots of trouble placing models since the area around the terminal (to West of mid 03/21 runway) is very steep. I still have little men up to their necks in concrete, adn my wife laughed her head off when she saw the floating cars, people, fences etc. Without your utility program to change objects heights it would have been impossible.Framerates have just taken a big hit. With just 100 models, the framerates suddenly dropped from 12 to 5 (best I ever get is 12). I had fully textured taxiways - no problem. Then I added a grass verge, about 9 polygons and one new texture. Bang, 5 fps slide show. This is annoying. Reducing the MIP size has no effect, so I am trying to find a faster computer to try this on. Maybe its just the age of the beast (the computer, not me I mean).Anyway, a big thank you for your massive effort in landscaping the UKS. I know this has been tough for you, but the quality of the final product is excellent (as usual).RobD.

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