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RC4 holding problem solved

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This is for all the RC4 holding fans (the closest you'll ever get to FS9 left turns and hold on!),This is what I have recently learned about RC4 holding.If you want to be held on every flight, select the "hold" option on RC4 Plane Information and Options before the flight.However, you will not be held unless you select on your flight plan a VOR as your last navigation fix. This VOR must be located on or very near your destination airport.Your total route of flight should be at least 125 miles. (A very short hope will force ATC to hold you but by radar vectors only.)You will be given an option for vectors or holding about 60 miles out. Select holding.Holding is very realistic. Be prepared to navigate direct to the VOR, and before you get there be prepare to copy complicated but realistic holding instructions. Holding will likely be on a VOR radial about 40 miles or so from the VOR. Create a waypoint on the VOR radial ATC will give you. ATC does not fool around. Be alert.I strongly recommend complex aircraft, such as PGMG 737. If you use complex aircraft, use the flight management computer for holding. The holding is easily once you have created the new waypoint and programed the on board computer for holding at the new waypoint.Also, I recommend Active Sky 6, the best in weather.And, of course, I recommend RC4, the best in air traffic control, especially in nastly, IFR weather conditions.And, finally if you get tired of holding, declare minimum fuel. Works like a champ to get an immediate clearance for an approach. But don't select a RC-4 "critique" at the end of your flight...FAA compliance agent will want a date to talk to you about your minimum fuel call.zachPS: thank, jd

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