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    AVSIM Announces New Library Underway!

    Tom Allensworth

    As you may have read elsewhere on AVSIM over the last three or four weeks, we are unifying the various parts of AVSIM into on, fully integrated site. That unification effort has as it's goals of providing our readers and community members a much nicer, easier to use, and feature rich experience. A subsidiary goal has been to allow AVSIM Staff an easier to use and reliable back-end management system. Over the last two months, we have succeeded in achieving those goals with the integration of the forums and our main content; news, reviews, interviews and other content.

    And now it is time for us to do the same for the AVSIM File Library System. The current library design was launched in early 2001. After 11 years of nearly faultless operation, it is time we bring our library system into the modern era and into the integrated solution that we are now offering. We have just approved a contract to make that happen. With nearly 170 thousand files in our library system, with all the database information that is stored with them, this is not a trivial task. We have therefore contracted the services of an expert in all aspects of of our library and content systems.


    Please continue reading this important announcement here.

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