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    Steve Inwood

    Tom Allensworth

    Alex Ridge has written us about the passing of Steven Inwood. Here is what Alex had to say; " Hi guys, 


    As has been mentioned here, I am very sorry to inform you of the passing of Steve Inwood and wanted to say a short couple of things.


    Steve was an extremely talented sound engineer who's passion for flight simulator led him to produce some very high quality sound sets for our favourite aircraft in Flight Simulator X.  Many of you I am sure, will have his ground roll effect installed on your machine and can appreciate some of the fine quality sound editing that he achieved and passed on to the whole community. He was extremely humble and took a great personal satisfaction to every positive comment and review on the sounds. For all of you who passed on your feedback to him, a big thank you is in order!  


    Steve has been under ill health for as long as I've known him but he never wanted to show it and to me, he never did. There was never a complaint or a plea for sympathy, even though sometimes he felt  desperately isolated and unsettled.


    His devotion and passion for this hobby always put a smile on his face and he would often lurk around the forums (particularly the PMDG community) to aim to learn something, or pick up a few tricks.


    Flight simulator is a niche hobby that most people cannot understand, but the community here is that of a mostly friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming crowd who share this insane passion for aviation and simulation.  I am sure he wouldn't mind me saying this, but as many can relate, being a part of this made him feel like he was part of a worldwide family. He would often keep me updated with a particular feature or topic that was trending before I even knew it existed. He seemed to think I had inside information on all things flight simulator and unfortunately had to disappoint him when I couldn't say for certain the the Pmdg 777 was going to be released in Winter 2012 :).  When the 777 finally arrived he was very excited and for the brief time he had her and loved flying her around, even though he couldn't really 'brush up' the sounds.


    Steve was a great friend, a positive, warm-hearted  individual with an exceptional ear and skill and he will be very, very sorely missed.


    Thank you to all that have given him his well deserved reviews and please keep him and his brother Andy in your thoughts."


    Alex thank you for providing that insight.

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