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    F18 Carrier Landing

    Tom Allensworth

    Have you heard of the F18 Carrier Landing App for Ipad? If you haven't, then you need to know that a new revision (3.1) has been released and and now you can check it out. Rortos, an Italian company, the publisher, has described their product as;


    "F18 Carrier Landing. A new landing experience for a worldwide challenge!


    You will be the pilot of F/A-18 Hornet and F-14 Tomcat aircrafts flying in virtual environments with a stunning graphic. You will have the chance to see again your performances with a multi-camera 20 seconds REPLAY function and immediately share your personal screenshots on Facebook and Twitter! F18 Carrier Landing, a simulation game with amazing tecnical features for a better flight experience: precise flight controls, landing lights, a quality virtual environment and new realistic controls behaviour mode that will allow you to perform every kind of figure. With the final aim to land on a flight deck, that is one of the most difficult things a navy pilot will ever do. And when you will reach your best score let share it in the Game Center. For a worldwide challenge! Let's fly together! ...and Happy Landing!"


    You can visit the Rortos website here.

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