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    Flight Control Video Streaming


    News Item:

    Flight Control Video Streaming is software that permits video streaming your Prepar3d v3.X(>=3.4) camera views in RealTime on the net!


    Flight Control Video Streaming , after a simple configuration produce a Session Description Protocol (sdp) file that it can be copied and opened in all machine in the Network that have a compatible VideoPlayer ( like VLC player for example).

    You can stream Prepar3d real time View anywhere! Obviously you must have a Player that it can be support video stream and more specifically Session Description Protocol (sdp) file that FlightControlVideoStreaming produce after his configuration.


    This is a simple software based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and it is required for running Flight Control Video Streaming


    Flight Control Video Streaming main Features are:


    - Stream Video of your preferred Prepar3d Camera Views on the Network. It can be showed from any devices where it is installed a video stream player that support SDP file (like VLC Player)

    - Change Camera View with Main interface button
    - Change Zoom of Camera View using + or - buttons
    - Configuration of Server / Client IPv4 address
    - Configuration of Port used for stream video
    - Configuration of type of resolution of VideoStreaming (480p,720p,1080p)
    - Configuration of FrameRate limit for video streaming and configuration of quality and resolution of video streaming
    - FlightControlVideoStreaming after “Apply configuration” in Config panel , produce a SDP file with video configuration that can be opened everywhere (in the network) you have a device with a compatible player (like VLC Player).


    Installation and Run Tips:

    • FlightControlVideoStreaming must be used with Administrator privilege (Run as Administrator) in Windows.
    • Before installation of FlightControlVideoStreaming you must install .NET Framework 4.6.2.
    • It is a best practice configure in software exact resolution that user use in Prepar3d Views.
    • Use Flight Control Video Streaming with Administrator privileges in your Windows machine. This is possible with Run As Administrator option (right click on FlightControlVideoStreaming.exe and after click Rus as Administrator).

    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v3.X (>=3.4) installed in the
    same machine of Flight Control Video Streaming(P3D v3.4).
    • Windows
    • 10 MB available in hard disk
    • .NET Framework 4.6.2 (not included but downlodable at Microsoft website)
    • PDF reader installed in your computer.

    Available in Simmarket:





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