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    Thule Air Base and Greenland Mesh For X-Plane 11

    Marcio N Amaral

    HSimulators launched a package with two additional elements- Thule Air Base and Greenland Mesh, for the X-Plane 11, also compatible with version 10.


    Thule Air Base details this airport and all its surroundings, which was one of the main air bases in the time of the Cold War.


    Greenland Mesh reproduces the entire scenery of Greenland and Northwest Canada, above 73 degrees North, which completes the X-Plane default scenery that is limited up to 72 degrees. There are 560 thousand square miles of scenery, that is a part of a project that will cover all North Pole and its extrems airports.


    In addition to the airport area of Thule, reproduced in orthophoto, the scenario includes the maritime port, the civil / military housing nucleus, the BMEWS (Balistic Missile Eraly Warning System) shell complex, the launch bases for ballistic missiles (currently deactivated), satellite monitoring radars and other facilities.


    Visit the HSimulators Homepage for further details http://hsimulators.blogspot.com.br

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