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    Quality Wings Release SP3 for QW B-757

    Tom Allensworth

    Earlier today Quality Wings released their SP3 update for their B-757. Here is the list of changes and fixes made in SP-3:


    • 2D Panel (757-300) - Flap Placard Typo showing 757-200
    • 2D Panel (757-300) - Flap Placard Speeds Incorrect
    • 2D Panel - Unable to switch from standby to active Comm frequency in 2D popup
    • Aircraft Performance: Max Indicated Airspeed Value corrected (Was too low contributing to premature acft Overspeed warnings during certain conditions)
    • Autopilot - Aircraft drifts off LNAV course in direct crosswinds. 
    • Autoflight  (FLCH Mode) - when leveling off A/T grabs the current speed instead of the MCP window speed.
    • Autopilot - In descent when transitioning from VNAV to SPD or FLCH to SPD a high speed value is entered into speed window causing Overspeed.
    • Exterior Models - Specular Shine Excessive
    • Exterior Models - Logo Light Mapping Issue
    • Exterior Models - MLG Door Mapping Issue
    • Exterior Models - Bump Map MIP Maps Added for better visual quality across broad range of views
    • FMS - Legs Page, Intersecting Radials, not always calculated correctly.
    • FMS - CTD when airport with large number of Approach waypoints is selected (LFRS, EDDF)
    • FMS -Flight plan does not clear when power goes out.
    • FMS - 'FIX' page does not display DTG, ALT, etc. info, add this info to the Fix page.
    • FMS - 'FIX' page does not allow distance only, or radial only entry.
    • FMS - VNAV Climb ignores LEGS altitude restrictions
    • FMS - incorrect scratchpad entry when restriction LSK ® is selected.
    • EFIS - ND/EHSI draws flight plan route line through Discontinuity point(s).
    • EFIS - Vert Dev display sometimes not correct 
    • Sounds: Residual Engine Sounds after engine shutdown
    • TMSP - Add CLB1, CLB2 TMSP support.
    • Modification/Improvement: Cockpit Graphics refreshed
    • Modification/Improvement: Engine Sounds Cones now available
    • Modification/Improvement: New Red Anti-Collision light Effect
    • Autopilot - FLCH function available with autopilot off.
    • Sounds - Lowered Volume on panel Click Sounds
    • Sounds - Modified Flap Lever sound for realism
    • Sounds - Various sound quality improvements
    • Sounds- .cfg option to inhibit some cockpit sounds while external view is open.
    • Sounds (QWPAS) - Disable co pilot callouts when in slew mode, so they don't constantly play while slewing around.
    • Sounds - Delay Positive Rate of Climb Gear Up Callout
    • Systems (Engine Start) - Inhibit auto fuel switch for standard mode on Engine Starts (Engine will not start until user manually moves fuel switch) (Requires use of new Cfg option)
    • Autopilot  - Add support for input for external hardware (GoFlight etc).
    • FMS - add user files (user custom data files, that will not be overriden by Navigraph Updates)
    • FMS  - Add QWPAS Announcement status page.
    • FMS - Add Airport Elevation to Approach Page.
    • 2D Panel (Radio Panel) -  Add transponder support for SquawkBox/ FSINN (2D panel ONLY)
    • Systems - Added Altitude Alert Deviation Mode.
    EnableManualEngStart=1       // Turns off Automatic transition of Fuel Control Switch during engine start
    InhibitCockpitSoundsOnStopSound=1     //inhibits cockpit sounds when view is outside the cockpit (ie when other sounds are also disabled). Includes slew mode as well.
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