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    Welcome to the New Front Page!

    Tom Allensworth

    Welcome to the new AVSIM Front Page and News! We have spent the last year or so looking at various alternatives to provide the basis of our new "look". One of the important criteria has been that it be able to be integrated with the two other major legs of AVSIM; our community forums, and eventually our file library. The other criteria was that it provide a modern and powerful system that we could bring other features and functions into and maintain similarity functions across all of our pages, articles and archives. What you see here is the first step in bringing all that together.


    You will probably find some issues and we welcome your input to our ISSUES TRACKER, which you are encouraged to post any issues you find in our new front page and news system. Keep in mind that we are very aware of some of the "finessing" issues. What we are looking for in your use of the Tracker is discovery of major issues that prevent you from accessing features or functionality.


    Welcome to the next generation of AVSIM! We are looking forward to bringing you a reliable and modern resource for another 15 years.

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