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Last Updated: January 21, 2014

The AVSIM Member Reviews System is a very powerful and enabling feature that gives you the power to make your voice heard when it comes to product purchases and your ownership of them. In AVSIM user polls over the years, one of the most important tools available to a user looking to purchase a product evaluations and recommendations from their fellow community members. We encourage you to share your views of products you own and have used. Your fellow community members will appreciate it.




The first thing you see when you enter the Reviews System is the main screen. It has three primary functions; provide you with a navigation side bar, Add A Review button, and the main database entry portal.







The Main Screen - Basic Functions

The MY NAVIGATION pane provides a number of important functions, which we will cover below. The main pane is that of the primary database for reviews and includes links to the top level categories. These include our primary flight simulation systems and hardware. These top level categories will increase over time as reviews are added that cover a wider few of products associated with flight simming in general and computer operations. Clicking on one of the top level categories will present you with a screen that looks similar to this:











When you select a subcategory, you will shown a screen that looks like this: