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  1. >Try pressing and releasing the shift key, 'cause it sounds>like it's getting "stuck" in the down position in Windows/FSX>somehow. I've had occasional issues where suddenly I won't be>able to interact with ATC via my joystick or keyboard and>usually pressing and releasing shift fixes it. (I suspect my>problem may be caused by my joystick, which is getting old and>is probably due for replacement.)>>"Let me help you out. You're cleared to taxi any way you can>to any runway you see."EdrickV,Thanks for the help, but it still did not help after trying. I think (although still experimenting) the work around on this is by going to task manager and then back for FSX. I have tried this on four occasions and seems to restore the keying issues. ThnxGus
  2. Paul,I installed 7.12 and had the same problem and when I tried to go to 7.11 as yours, to my surprise, it won't install the driver. The same problem I was having with my X1650PRO 512 just before I went to 8800GTS. I think or beginning to think I need another VC. thnxGus
  3. >(Hope I'm not stating the obvious)- CCC has a tab on the>opening screen which allows you to enable/disable ATI hotkeys,>and the default is "Enabled". >I also note from the many ATI forums that the 8.xx series of>drivers are not as stable as the late 7.xx's. From my own>experience this may be true, and so I went back to 7.11, and>haven't had "problems" since. >>I say problems, because you're never too sure that it's "this">or "that" that is actually the cause of the BsoD or the ctd.>Certainly disabling the iTunes and Adobe updates got rid of a>couple of minor issues, but one of the problems I had related>to stuttering or hesitations - was the additional software>which Logitech (MX Revolution)runs in the background. Stopping>those services allowed much higher slider settings and a much>smoother experience.Paul,Thanks for the reply. I will try the 7 series driver and report. I first realise about the hotkeys, but that wasn't the problem. thnx Gus
  4. Fellows,I'm currently having some keyboard issues within FSX. I have recently discarded my 8800GTS (640)for Radeon HD3850 (512)and ever since, whenever I go to FSX, I can't use the keyboard keys. They seem to lock up. I cannot use the "S" key to cycle through the views, I cannot use the infamous "SHFT+Z' key and neither can I use the "P" key. The only thing that works is the "ALT" key to access the menu. Apart from that, when I exit FSX and come to desktop, I experience some kind of residue of the problem where my icons are all attached to each other and by clicking one, activates all with the FSX icons as the lead. Everything seems okay and running fine. I have tested both 8.1 and 8.2 drivers with the same result. I should mention that I'm using Vista 32. Anybody knows what this is? ThnxGus
  5. >You eliminated the common problem by clearing the wx... now a>screen shot or two might help get a feel for the problem>you're having.Dan,I have never taken a screen shot before, so that might be a challenge. In any event, after several hours(5-HRS of flight time) of this see-saw affair, I decided to disengage the autopilot, manually climbed to the actual flight level (FL350....the aircraft at this point was descending to FL280 because it did not respond to the step climb command to FL350 from FL330), and then after reaching there, I leveled and flew it for awhile still manually. After few seconds, I re-engaged the autopilot and everything was fine for the remainder of the flight. I will see what will happen on my next flight and report. ThnxGus
  6. I can now confirm that, whatever that is happening is NOT weather related (the notorious wind shift). I see that the entire vertical profile of the flight automations have "broken down". The aircraft keeps joggling up/down the vertical axis without control. It keeps going down to FL310 or as high as FL385 although it's to fly at the programmed level of FL330. It will not respond to changes like FLCH or the VERT SPD 9no problems with LNAV and A/P). I have not done any modificationS to this add-on and as I said previous flightS were all successful. This happens to all engine variants. Please help if you know the reason as even with weather cleared and off this happens. ThnxGus
  7. Hello,I have recently (on two recent flight....744X) experiencing VNAV problems. With autopilot, FD, LNAV all engaged in mid-flight, the plane does not keep the programmed altitude. Neither will it even respond to ALT HOLD command. I'm currently on a flight to WMKK at a programmed initial flight level of FL330. However, about an hour into the flight, this wield thing started happening and has been going on for the next three hours. I have checked and cross checked everything and cannot pinpoint it to anything right now. I should mention that, I'm flying at normal rate (real-time), with FSUIPC 4.20 (REG), ASX/XG,XPAX and PFE. Again my other previous 50 flights were all uneventful. Any help will be appreciated. ThnxGus
  8. S-O-L-V-E-DHello,For those interested in this discussing and was halving the same problem as mine (Not having FSX to recognize British Airway call-sign "speedbird')I have found the solution to it. The PMDG FSX version does not see the "Airlines CFG" speedbird (lower cases). I tried LVD767 and saw that on the detail section in FSX when you select your aircraft, their version had "SPEED BIRD" and FSX ATC called "Speed Bird". I then copied this (SPEED BIRD)to PMDG British Airways, but then inside FSX, it only showed as "speedbird" and still ATC did not recognize the call sign. I then right away had an idea to add 'SPEED BIRD" to the Airline CFG and behold it works. PMDG probably needs to look into this, but was anybody having the same problem? Thnx Gus
  9. >hi Gus,>>change this...SPEEDBIRD to this...Speed Bird>>ATC will recognize the call sign now.>>>> happy flyin, Tim WheelerHi Tim,I just tried that and still didn't help. ThnxGus
  10. >Gus,>Locate the config file entry for your BA livery and check to>see if the atc_Airline entry reads Speed Bird with a space>between Speed and Bird.Pete,I checked and it had "SPEEDBIRD". All in caps and I changed it to match my airline.cfg "Speedbird", but that did not help as ATC continues to call it without the call sign. Do you have the repaint (this is from PMDG website)? and does it do the same as mine? If yours is any different, can you post your CFG for comparison? Anyway, any idea about the FMC MSG? ThnxGus
  11. Hello Happy New Year Everyone,On the 744X "British Airways' lively, there is already a call-sign Speedbird, but the MSFSX ATC does not call it. The ATC for some reason does not call "speedbird XXX for the 744X. However, it calls it for the ai British Airways Airliners. I'm using the same "Airline.CFG" as I used for the FS9 version which was okay then. Am I doing something wrong?On unrelated issue, what does "Split IRS Program" means (FMC MSG)? This happened on a flight along the polar lines (UAL897-KIAD-ZBAA...flightaware.com....real world flight plan in real time.Is this equivalent to "IRS NAV ONLY' on the 767? Flight went on with no glitches though. ThnxGus
  12. >Hi,>>Sorry for the problem. What is the exact wording of the error>message?>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Jim,I will get it to you on my next flight. ThnxGus
  13. Hello,I purchased Xpax from day one and had no glitches. However, I have applied the hotfix and since then I get an error message when deplaning each and every flight since the applying the fix. Here is my CFG. Please help. ThnxGus[XPax Settings]FSXPath=C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XFSXAppDataPath=FS9Path=FS9AppDataPath=FSVersion=FSXFSAutoConnect=TrueAutoBoarding=TrueAutoDoors=TrueSimMessages=FalsePlayAudio=TruePlayVideo=TrueMetricUnits=FalsePassengerBoardingTime=1ApprovalReductionSensitivity=3MinimumCruiseAltitude=10000WindowPosX=223WindowPosY=182
  14. Hello,Just a short question. I tried to change the announcement from 'Flight Attendance prepare for take-off/landing" to 'Cabin Crew.......Take-off/landing' After I saved it with the MS world editor, the announcement on my next flight was the same old one. What do I need to do? ThnxGus
  15. >http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=set...topic_id=391891UlfBThank you. This is helpful.Gus
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