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  1. Update; Solved, now exporting fine, just needed to run as Admin as suggested by Dave. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, If I have P3D - .pln selected then that is the only one exported, all others are ignored. Mike
  3. Hi, I can also get it to export to the GTN if it's the only export option ticked. Are you saying that with multiple export options ticked that it still exports to the GTN? Mike
  4. Hi, Don't think that is the issue; just changed the path and tried to export to C:\temp\ but no joy, still not exporting. Later: Just got it to work by only having the export to GTN option ticked, seems to be only exporting the fist ticked path and not others below this. Mike
  5. Hello, This is the location where the Reality XP GTN expects to find the *.gfp flight plans, which can then be imported; C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN\ This is the path that I have set in the Export Paths and Selection setting, I'll try and export to a another location and see if that works. Mike
  6. Hello, Same here, not working for me, other exports work fine but not Reality XP GTN. Mike
  7. Hello,I'm unable to change the instrument panel display from EFIS/MAP mode to PFD/ND type. Tried to change it in the PMDG styles menu but it seems to be stuck on EFIS/MAP mode.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Mike
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